Your Isabelle cosplay is adorable!! How long did it take to create? Also, where did you get the wig?

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thank you!! it took me like two months, but mainly just because i was saving up money to buy everything i needed, and i had a tough time finding the shirt and the button up i used to make the vest. and i found it on ebay! it was supposed to be a tinkerbell wig but pssh who follows the rules

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i saw the blathers video without having visited your blog in like over a year and i saw it and still recognized you and was moved to come onto your blog just to say hi. i'm havin a real bad day but the blathers video and seein you again made it kinda nicer!! have a good one :)

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omg thanks for coming back and I’m glad I could make your day a little better! hope the rest of your week is happy and fun ❤️❤️❤️

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Blathers at SDCC! I give unsuspecting cosplayers and con-goers adorable fossils as Blathers! : >

Guys I’m in this video!!! Check it out it’s super duper cute :)

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